CIO Insight on 5 Actions to succeed with SOA

December 24, 2006

I always like to collect different people’s lists to get to success. Here is CIO Insight’s list for SOA:

  • Retool the IT Department
  • Establish an Oversight Group to Get Results
  • Catalog Services to Enable Reuse
  • Monitor Performance
  • Coordinate IT and the Business

VRM, healthcare, and you in control of YOUR information

December 2, 2006

Just listened to Technometria: Managing Vendors Before They Manage You on IT Conversations (hosted by Phil Windley).

I may be dense, but I didn’t quite see the connection between Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) and what Britt Blaser of the Open Resource Group, but I digress.

The whole idea of VRM is interesting, but in particular the thorny issue of healthcare. They talked about health records and enabling people to own and control their health records. The conclusion seemed to be that while it was a grand idea, it would be one of the tougher domains to try this in.

Right after I listened to it, I read a post on Google’s blog where Adam Bosworth (a VP at Google) appears to be taking on the charge of doing something to try to fix the healthcare information flow and control. He recently posted on the topic: Health care information matters.

Perhaps a little Google juice will get this ball rolling. While healthcare may be one of the hardest nuts to crack, if you swing big and miss on this one for VRM, perhaps it will give cover and drive for something smaller.

Developers reply.

November 29, 2006

Under The Sun: Top 20 replies by Programmers to Testers when their programs don’t work: “5. ‘Even though it doesn’t work, how does it feel?”

They are all good, but that one made me laugh.

(Via Graphically Speaking.)

Paper vs Online

October 25, 2006

I read a number of blogs and other online sources through RSS (and directly). I would say that 70% of my knowledge (or direction on what I should learn about) comes through these channels.

But I still get, skim, and read a number of paper information sources (~15 a month). Most are tech related, including eWeek. What I can’t stand is the disconnect between the online and paper versions. If I read something in the paper version, I should be able to find it on-line so I can link to it and refer a friend or co-worker to it.

I just spent 15 minutes trying to find online an article by Roger Sippl on composite applications. It just isn’t there. Google couldn’t find it, eWeek’s search couldn’t find it, I couldn’t find it by navigating to a section it might have been in. A complete waste of my time because something that should be simple and obvious doesn’t work. If paper and online are not connected, then I have little value for the paper (which is one of the few places I am still likely to actually notice and read an ad).

Line Rider…fun

October 21, 2006

Quite a fun little activity… Line Rider. Once you hit “play” it is completely passive (you just watch the little person head down the hill). It reminds me of a game that was on the my in-laws Mac 8 years ago, a B/W motorcycle game where you drew lines to define the motocross track and then used the mouse to adjust the throttle.

(Via Lifehacker.)

The projectors just keep shrinking

September 28, 2006

Having used projectors with computers for quite a while, a good one makes a big difference, especially if you are giving a demo. They just get smaller and smaller.

This one from Casio caught my eye in a magazine ad. I have no idea if it is any good. Have you used one, if so, let me know?

The limiting factor seems to have become the size of the light bulb and more importantly the heat it generates. If we could get LED’s to glow super bright, then laptops could have a camera facing the keyboard and a projection lens facing the other way. Even better would be something the size of an iSight camera that sits on top of a laptop and rotates to face the screen.

Deep Audio Linking

August 28, 2006

Deep video linking will be very useful. I’ve often wanted deep audio linking (and someplaces like IT Conversations support it generally). Things get tricky when you have more dynamic files. FOr example, when the stream is dynamically built with different commercials.

Dembot: Google Video Elegance: “Google Video has a couple of killer-app features that allow you to link or jump ahead to any point in a video”

(Via Scripting News.)